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I've worked with Texas Solar over the previous 12 years – they originally put up my Panels in 2004, Installed a car charger and associated circuits, helped replace a defective converter, and finally took the panels of when I needed a new roof.   Throughout all of these, I never felt like I was being "sold" – they laid out all of the costs and benefits of each option, and when they did the work they kept me informed.  For example – it took them a week to put the panels back up after it was reroofed.  I thought it was crazy that they would only work an hour or so.  I talked to the foreman about it and he showed me that when a new roof is put on – it takes a while for the tar adhesive to set in the heat, and if they walked around on the new roof during the heat of the day, they could really mess up the shingles.  I may not see it for a while – but they could.  I really appreciated they care they took.  I highly recommend Texas Solar.

– Brian S. via Yelp

"We had a power failure last night that took down the neighborhood for about 30 minutes. The battery backup system worked great.  The transfer was completely seamless: the only reason we noticed anything had happened was that my wife asked "Why isn't the clock on the stove working?"  Then I went outside and found that the whole neighborhood was dark, except for us. Inverter power was 0.78 KW, well within capacity.  After power came back on, it was recharging the batteries at 19.3 amps. I thought you might like to know that we had an unscheduled test, and it worked great."

Best regards,

— Gordon N.

"I can not thank you all enough for the absolutely fabulous installation that we received from Dustin and Ryan.  We could not be more pleased.  Their thoroughness, sensitivity and attention to detail were amazing.  Texas Solar Power will continue to be on our #1 list of solar installers and we will share our experiences with anyone interested. Let us know the next step with our loan at Velocity Credit Union and our inspection with Austin Energy. "

Most appreciatively,

— Dale B.

"Mark, Hey — I just wanted to write and thank you for working with me so continously on my solar water-heating issues. Texas Solar is extremely competent , if I'm any judge."

— Randy B.

"Thank you so much for the vital role each of you played in further supplementing our energy system.  Next step — more solar panels!  You are both more than welcome to reference Catherine & I to any of your prospective clients.  My home office is (512) 722-**** and hers is (512) 722-****.    Craig, I hope and trust that you are well aware of what a thoroughbred you have in Mark.  He is such a perfect  blend of technical aptitude & genuine personal concern.  And the very same things are true of Adrian.

Deepest Thanks,"

— Bruce and Catherine A.

"My experiences with Texas Solar people have always been good.   I can't imagine one person doing the uninstall but he is not only getting the job done but doing so with a smile on his face and one of the most positive attitude I have heard in a long time from anyone.  I am always quick to criticize if someone doesn't do a good job and seldom to give praise  when one does a very good job.  But I had to compliment Texas Solar on this guy as he is a real asset to your company and great with customers."

— Kevin H.

"Hey Mark — I called up Ms. Sears at Austin Energy and got the monthly reading on my Solar Meter, and my panels have produced almost three times as much kWh as your estimate predicted, and it's not even summer yet!"

— Rockwell K.

"Dear Vincent,   How is the solar business doing these days? I wish that more people would realize the potential of solar, geothermal, and wind power. Imagine the potential if everyone had more incentives from the government to invest in renewable energy.  Please tell your manager that I am a very proud owner of the solar system you installed… 2.2MW (2, 200kWh) generated since August already.  My net energy charge is negative 300kWh, so I do not owe electricity at this time."

— Andrew D.